Japanese soy sauce, Chiba soy sauce

The soy sauce they chose was not the largest-selling brand of soy sauce or the second-largest;
it was Chiba Soy Sauce.

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In Japan, as well as the big two brands,

there are around 1,600 other producers of soy sauce.

But the one they chose was "Chiba Soy Sauce."

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  • Amador


    A German chef who earned 3 Michelin stars in record time

  • Ingo Holland

    Ingo Holland

    A Michelin single-star chef who is a speaker and book author



    The first chicken kebab(YAKITORI) restaurant in Japan to win a Michelin star



    A French restaurant specializing in vegetable dishes

  • Chibaki-ya


    The most popular Tokyo ramen noodle restaurant

  • Suruga-ya


    A famous restaurant, established over 200 years ago, specializing in eel dishes



    A company with numerous restaurant brands in the Philippines



    A boutique food store in New York's SoHo

  • iTQi

    iTQiInternational Taste & Quality Institute

    Shimosa Soy Sauce received two stars at the iTQi SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD

  • Taking on the Asian market

    Taking on the Asian market

    Developing a special soy sauce for the Asian market

Chiba Prefecture is Japan's biggest soy sauce producing area.

The largest and second-largest producers,

as well as Chiba Soy Sauce, are all based in Chiba Prefecture.

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KATORI chiba japan

Katori, the water transport town that gave birth to and nurtured Chiba Soy Sauce.

To this day, the streetscape of former times and the charming atmosphere of the canal district are preserved.

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Let's take a look at some of Chiba Soy Sauce's main products.

All of them are made only from high-quality whole soybeans, wheat, and salt produced in Japan.

In cellars that have been used for 160 years, skilled brewers and natural yeasts do their subtle work, producing a mature mellow quality in the sauces.

SHIMOUSA soy sauce

SHIMOUSA soy sauce image

A sauce of the finest quality, exactingly prepared by Chiba Soy Sauce in traditional wooden barrels using only carefully selected ingredients produced in Japan.

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KATORI soy sauce

KATORI soy sauce image

A soy sauce with a rich aroma and flavor, made from Japanese-produced ingredients sourced locally in Katori, and prepared without compromise by time-honored methods.

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original equipment manufacturer

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We can produce a soy sauce specially prepared for the exclusive use of your company in line with your specifications.
We can develop and produce private brand soy sauce and order-made soy sauce products in anything from small lots upwards.

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