The soy sauce they chose was not the largest-selling brand of soy sauce or the second-largest;
it was Chiba Soy Sauce.


In Japan, as well as the big two brands, there are around 1,600 other producers of soy sauce.

But the one they chose was "Chiba Soy Sauce."


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Famous chicken kebab restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo – the first one Japan to win a Michelin star

"Using the finest quality flavorings makes no difference to the cost price of a kebab. So it makes sense to use the very best."

Brilliant Michelin three-star chef Joël Robuchon too is said to be captivated by this "cooking with soul."


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For both food and wine, using domestically-grown produce is of the utmost importance.

Partake to the full the flavors, the aromas, and the nourishment of the farm produce of Japan.

Taste to the full the flavors of the four seasons produced by Japan's climate, water, and soil.

The cuisine of TSU.SHI.MI brings together in a marriage of aroma and flavor the finest wines produced by the combination of Japanese skills and terroir.

Chibaki-ya- Japan

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The most popular Tokyo ramen restaurant

Chibaki-ya is a store that is extraordinarily well known among ramen lovers.

Once the executive chef of a high-class restaurant in Ginza, he threw it all in to open a ramen shop.

Soy sauce ramen soup requires subtle flavorings, and for this reason Chibaki-ya uses Chiba Soy Sauce.

"As a chef, I want my customers to be eating something truly delicious," he says with conviction, and today, once again, there is a queue of customers in front of the store.

Suruga-ya- Japan

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A restaurant with a 200-year history specializing in eel dishes

Prominent among the temples visited by worshipers in the Tokyo metropolitan area is Narita-san Shinsho-ji.

The famous restaurant is situated along the path of the approach to the temple.

The eel dishes use a basting sauce whose secret recipe has been handed down from generation to generation.

An important ingredient in the basting sauce is Shimousa Soy Sauce.

Amador- Germany

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A German chef who earned 3 Michelin stars in record time

It took just 3 years and 8 months to earn 3 Michelin stars for an original style of cooking that combines French cuisine with the essence of Asia.

The chef, who seeks the highest quality for his ingredients, has an interest in the quintessential flavorings of Japan, and it is in this connection that he encountered Chiba Soy Sauce.

Ingo Holland- Germany

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Chiba Soy Sauce holds its own among the spices of the world

Ingo Holland is famous for his unique style of spice cookery, and is the owner-chef of a Michelin single-star restaurant.

On display in the restaurant are selected spices from around the world, and alongside these are Chiba Soy Sauce products.


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A company that owns numerous restaurant brands in the Philippines

I-Foods Exchange, Inc has developed a number of restaurant chains in the Philippines, such as "tokyo cafe."

Chiba Soy Sauce produces a highly popular soy sauce called "Aji Jiman" exclusively for export to Asia.


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A chain of gourmet grocery stores that started in SoHo, New York

Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened a boutique food store in New York's SOHO in 1977.

The stores offer selected brands from around the world for those who appreciate fine foods. At their Japanese stores, they sell all varieties of Chiba Soy Sauce.

iTQi(International Taste & Quality Institute)

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In the SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD Shimousa Soy Sauce was awarded two stars

Shimousa Soy Sauce, the top grade product of which Chiba Soy Sauce is so proud, was awarded two stars by chefs and sommeliers at the International Taste & Quality Institute(iTQi)'s "SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD" in 2007 and again in 2010.

Taking on the Asian market

  • Taking on the Asian market

Taking on the Asian market Development of a soy sauce exclusively for the Asian market

"Sushi Soy Sauce" has been developed by Chiba Soy Sauce as a strong challenger in the Asian market.

It is presently sold in two countries: Vietnam and Malaysia.

It was named "Sushi Soy Sauce" because the word "SUSHI" is known by people around the world and associated with Japan.

It is an easy-to-use soy sauce that is lighter in salt content, and emphasizes umami and sweetness.

I will send the sample right now.

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