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Keynote Speakers of Indonesia-Japan Joint Scientific Symposium 2014.


Indonesia-Japan Joint Scientific Symposium 2014

In the Gadjah Mada University of Indonesia, "the Indonesia Japan Joint Scientific Symposium (IJJSS)" was held, and Mr.K.Iida present on the 30th.
This symposium is a name of IJJSS (Indonesia Japan Joint Scientific Symposium), and is the authoritative international symposium which Chiba University and the sister university in the Indonesia take the lead, and is held.
It was held by turns every two years in Japan and Indonesia, and was held at the 6th Gadjah Mada University(Jogjakarta) this time. 

 Mr.K.Iida Exective Vice-President Of Chibashoyu  announces  about soy sauce industry and regional economy towards the young man of Indonesia.
Indonesia was a Japanese important partner, and through the participation in this symposium, arts and sciences, cooperation of business, and cooperation were performed, and it was able to promote the international exchange between much more Japan and Indonesia.

The certificate presented to the keynote spekaers by the university. 

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