The soy sauce they chose was not the largest-selling brand of soy sauce or the second-largest;
it was Chiba Soy Sauce.


Let's take a look at some of Chiba Soy Sauce's main products.

All of them are made only from high-quality whole soybeans, wheat, and salt produced in Japan.

In cellars that have been used for 160 years, skilled brewers and natural yeasts do their subtle work, producing a mature mellow quality in the sauces.

On this page we introduce a representative sample of Chiba Soy Sauce's products.

In addition to these products, Chiba Soy Sauce produces various other soy sauce products.

shimousa soy sauce_01

A sauce of the finest quality

The elements are whole soybeans, wheat, salt, and water, all produced in Japan.

The methods of master brewers are applied to these ingredients, and the result is a superb product, clear, mellow, and naturally brewed: Shimousa Soy Sauce.

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Traditional barrel preparation and the skill of the master brewer

In the cellars where the soy sauce is brewed are barrels that have been in continuous use since the founding of the company 160 years ago.

Each barrel has a circumference of 10 meters (33 feet), and a capacity of 8,000 liters (2,100 gallons).

In these barrels, with the help of expert brewers and natural yeasts, fermentation and ripening proceed slowly until clear, mellow "Shimousa Soy Sauce" is produced.

Shimousa Soy Sauce is awarded two stars at the iTQi contest.

Shimousa Soy Sauce, the top grade product of which Chiba Soy Sauce is so proud, was awarded two stars by chefs and sommeliers at the International Taste & Quality Institute(iTQi)'s "SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD " in 2007 and again in 2010.

katori soy sauce_01

Picky about the ingredients

"Katori" is a choice quality, thick-style soy sauce brewed according to a strict formula.

For the brewing of this soy sauce, we sought out raw materials of the highest quality that had never been used before.

Japanese-produced whole soybeans, wheat, and salt are the only ingredients.

Katori soy sauce uses high-protein whole soybeans and high-quality wheat with high sugar content, both of them ingredients of exceptional quality, harvested locally in the area of Katori, the home town of Chiba Soy Sauce.

katori soy sauce_02
katori soy sauce_03

The origin of "Katori"

The name "Katori" comes from Katori Shrine, which is located in the home town of Chiba Soy Sauce.

Katori Shrine is, together with the Grand Shrine at Ise and Kashima Shrine, one of Japan's three major shrines, and the head shrine of Japan's approximately 400 Katori shrines.

The calligraphy used for the logo on the bottle's label was created by the chief priest of Katori Shrine.

"Katori" is a special product, produced in very small quantities, and is sometimes entirely sold out.


It is produced in the soy sauce instead of salt.

Whereas normally, the "koji" (fermentation starter) for soy sauce is prepared with a saline solution, in the case of "saishikomi" soy sauce, soy sauce is used instead of saline solution.

The result is a rich color, flavor, and aroma.

This "saishikomi" soy sauce is also referred to as "kanro" (nectar) soy sauce.


Develop an exclusive / original soy sauce for your company

In addition to its standard products, Chiba Soy Sauce can develop an original soy sauce to match your requirements, or a special soy sauce for exclusive use by your company.

It doesn't matter how large or small the quantity required.

Whatever you need in terms of private brand products, original flavorings, etc., simply let us know what you are seeking, and what your requirements are.

The manufacturing process for an exclusive / original soy sauce


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