The soy sauce they chose was not the largest-selling brand of soy sauce or the second-largest;
it was Chiba Soy Sauce.


We at Chiba Soy Sauce are keenly aware that we make products that people put in their mouths.

Therefore, we will not fail to do our utmost to ensure the peace of mind and safety of our customers, regardless of the time and effort that may be required, regardless of how complicated the manufacturing process may be, and even if it involves inconspicuous, painstaking work that is difficult to explain to customers.

Chiba Soy Sauce's licenses

In order to produce safe and reliable products, we have obtained a number of official licenses.

HACCP (sauce category)
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

HACCP is a quality control method which defines important control points in the manufacturing process in order to ensure safer production of foodstuffs.

Only a few soy sauce manufacturers have received HACCP certification.

Halal certification

"Halal" refers to foods that Muslims are not permitted to consume under Islamic Shariah.

Halal certification is given to food products that satisfy criteria relating to ingredients, production, and distribution in accordance with Islamic law.

JAS organic certification

JAS is a certification given to specific foods and beverages by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Chiba Soy Sauce is audited by a third party each year in order to obtain certification.

United States FDA export license

Chiba Soy Sauce has obtained approval from the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) to export its products to the United States.

Chiba soy Sauce's quality control system

Chiba Soy Sauce sees its role as the delivery of customer satisfaction and good flavor to the tables of its customers.

We constantly pay attention to ensuring that our products are safe and can be used with confidence.

Quality control system

Chiba Soy Sauce has adopted the control methods of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) to manage hygiene and quality.

Inspection of processes and products

Health inspections are performed at key points of the manufacturing process, in addition to quality inspections, and sensory evaluations of elements such as taste and aroma.


We are committed to compliance, and constantly ensure that we have a full understanding of laws relating to foodstuffs and administrative trends.

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

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